Krabi - Chicken Island, Tup Island, Pranang Beach & Poda Island by Private Speed Boat
Full Day Tour

Krabi, An Emerald of Andaman Sea. It borders on the Andaman Sea where countless natural attractions abound including white sandy beaches, fascinating coral reefs, numerous large and small islands, verdant forest with caves and waterfalls.

Krabi Tour
, the program will visit the famous of 4 islands at Chicken Island, Tup Island, Pranang Beach and Poda Island.

Chicken Island, once you see it, there is no question where the name is coming from. A long, narrow rock formation is protruding from the island that from certain angles looks exactly like a chicken head. Apart from the beauty on the land, Kai Island also has plenty of coral reefs to appreciate in the west of the island.

Tup Island, is one of the most popular offshore Islands around Krabi for day trips and tours. Tup Island is located in the Mu Koh Poda archipelago between Poda Island and Chicken Island. This island is much smaller than the other islands in the group, however it has a nice beach and the waters that surround it provide an excellent spot for snorkeling with an abundance of tropical fish.

Poda Island, is a small island no more than a kilometre in diameter, fringed by clear clean waters, a white sandy beach and coral reefs. The activities that are highly recommend in this island are scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming.

Pranang Beach, this lovely beach has been recently voted one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, it has jaw-droppingly spectacular scenery and is an excellent swimming beach. Climbers climb right off the beach with magnificent scenery surrounded.

All you have to do only enjoy swimming snorkeling, sunbathing, of this rich variety of corals reefs and fishes, crystal clear warm water and white sandy beaches.
 Tour Schedule
Your tour guide will greeting you at the hotel to transfer for check in at the pier. Take your private speed boat to the famous of 4 islands at Chicken Island, Tup Island, Pranang Beach and Poda Island.

Lunch inclusive.

Tour Rate:
1 Person: Baht   37,750 
2 Persons: Baht  20,500  each

3 Persons: Baht  15,500  each
4-7 Persons: Baht  12,600 each

The rate mentioned is based on English speaking tour guide, others language will be at the surcharge of Baht 2,500 per tour. 

 -Visa, Master, JCB at the link of

 -AMEX card,

Tour Includes:
- Round Trip Transfer
- Private Car
- Travel Insurance Certificate 
- Exclusive English Speaking Professional Tour Guide
- Admission Fees
- Lunch inclusive at the local restaurant

Tour Excludes
- Alcoholic Drinks and Extra Meals
- Extra Transportation

Private Speed Boat Charter:
32 Feet/140HP/2 Engine

Trip Advises:
- The highlights of the trip are  snorkeling, swimming

What to Prepare:
- Swimming Suits
- Shorts & Light T-Shirt
- Beach Towel
- Sun Block
- Sun Cap
- Sun Glasses
- Camera