Boat Trip to Ko Kret
Full Day Tour

Ko Kret, is a tiny island isolated from the bright lights Bangkok by a swift-flowing branch of The Chao Phraya River, near Nonthaburi. On it lives a community of craftsmen famous for their distinctive style of pottery, which dates back many centuries.

Ko Kret Pots are known for their fine,red-black glazed surface and intricate design. The islanders are the descendants of the Mon people and they have managed to retain the skills of their fore fathers.

 Tour Schedule
At 08.30 am, our tour guide in purple and navy blue uniform will meet and greet at the hotel lobby.  Depart hotel for 30 minutes drive then take a long tailed boat flies you to Pramaiyikawat Temple, where you will see a leaning Chedi modeled after The Muda Chedi of the ancient Mon Kingdom Hongsawadi.  Next, follow the path 100 meters you will come to a handicraft center where they produce traditional Mon Earthenware.  Walk through a village dedicated to the craft where your can purchase many beautiful pieces. 

Finally, taste the flowers which is used in many cuisine, one of the most famous snacks is Battered and Fried Flowers served with sweet chili sauce. Cycling will be arranged for nature lovers around the tiny island of some 2 km long and 1 km wide. And transfer back to the hotel.

Tour Rate:
1 Person:  Baht  8,500 
2 Persons: Baht 4,800 each

3-4 Persons: Baht 3,750 each
5-12 Persons: Baht 3,500 each

The rate mentioned is based on English speaking tour guide, others language will be at the surcharge of Baht 2,500 per tour.

 -Visa, Master, JCB at the link of

 -AMEX card,

Tour Includes:
- Welcome Garland
- Natural Mineral Water and Cold Towel
- Private Car
- Transportation
- Travel Insurance Certificate
- Reliable First Class Services
- Exclusive Professional Tour Guide
- Admission Fees

Tour Excludes
- Alcoholic Drinks and Meals (Lunch)

- Extra Transportation