Elephant Refuge Volunteer
Full Day Tour

The Elephants World, is a home for the elder and disables elephants where they need special care and treatment after the long hardworking for their whole life. This rich nature place is where they use to save these elephants, just like an orphanage. Plan a day with these beautiful creatures and enjoy the activities below depending on the needs of the elephants as well.

Whole day tour program at this camp as below information:
- At 10.00 am, arrival at the camp, meet and 
feed with the elephants.
- Observe the elephants bathing.
- Feed clean fruit and vegetables, then prepare and cook 
sticky rice for the old elephants.
- Lunch inclusive at camp.

- Gathering / planting food for the
 elephants. e.g banana trees / sugar
cane / banana grass or prepare fruit baskets for the afternoon.
- Feed sticky rice balls to the old
- Take the elephants to the river for a 
- Feed the elephants fruit and vegetables.

 Tour Schedule

At 07.00 am, our tour guide in purple and navy blue uniform will meet and greet at the hotel.  Depart hotel to Kanchanaburi,  130 km. from Bangkok to visit Elephants World, to learn how the elephants live after the retirement from the hard work from their entire life.

Tour Rate:
1 Person:  Baht   13,500
2 Persons: Baht     7,800 each

3-4 Persons: Baht     6,500 each
5-12 Persons: Baht 5,500 each

The rate mentioned is based on English speaking tour guide, others language will be at the surcharge of Baht 2,500 per tour.

 -Visa, Master, JCB at the link of 

 -AMEX card, contact:info@emwt.asia

Tour Includes:
- Welcome Garland
- Natural Mineral Water and Cold Towel
- Private Car
- Transportation
- Travel Insurance Certificate
- Reliable First Class Services
- Exclusive Professional Tour Guide
- Admission Fees
- Lunch inclusive at the Camp

Tour Excludes
- Alcoholic Drinks and Extra Meals
- Extra Transportation

Remark: Please don't forget to bring sunscreen, hat, camera, mosquito repellent, shirts and shorts since you will get dirty and wet.