Mangrove Forest, Cockle Farms and Mud Ski-Boarding
Half Day Tour

After years of trying to restore the mangrove forest in Khlong Khon district, Samut Songkhram, local residents have finally seen their efforts bear fruit. The mangrove forest is now a popular for local attraction. Tourists visit Khlong Khon community and enjoy ec0-tourism activities amid the thick mangrove forests which act as an ecological fortress and a breeding ground for aquatic life.

Right now, Eco-tourism activities offered by the Khlong Khon community range from a tour around the community and local fish and cockle farms, mangrove tree planting, fishing, boat tours, fishermen-style camping on offshore makeshift shelters known as krateng in cockle farms, to mud ski-boarding.

Following the launch of the mangrove re-planting campaign in the area, the abundance of Khlong Khon mangrove forests slowly returned and in the middle of 2007, local people found the whole mangrove forests full of cockles, a sign that the conservation efforts had nursed the once ailing forests back to health.

People living around the mangrove forests initially earned a handsome income from selling cockles they collected from the forests. But the "cockle rush" drew many pickers and consequently drove down their incomes.

The re-planting of the mangrove forests in Khlong Khon had brought back marine animals such as prawns, shellfish and mud crabs. With the restored ecology, the Klong Khon natives who headed to the cities in search of jobs following the collapse of the shrimp farms have returned. Families are reunited. Many came together and started up small Eco-tourism related businesses. The businesses are wide ranging, from boat tours, food processing and home-stay services on the krateng. 

 Tour Schedule
Our tour guide in purple and navy blue uniform will meet and greet at the hotel lobby. Depart hotel to Khlong Khon for 45 minutes drive to visit the communities in Khlong Khon which have finally been rewarded for their efforts in restoring the Mangrove Forests. The trip will be included Mangrove  Tree Planting and Boat Tour. Mud Ski-Boarding is another challenging activity for your great fun. Don't miss feeding the lovely monkeys. By the way, lunch will be excluded in the tour program and a hint.....for you to take on own favorite drink.......... And transfer to hotel.

Tour Rate:
1 Person:  Baht  8,400
2 Persons: Baht 4,200 each

3-4 Persons: Baht 3,675 each
5-12 Persons: Baht 2,980 each

The rate mentioned is based on English speaking tour guide, others language will be at the surcharge of Baht 2,500 per tour.

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 -AMEX card,

Tour Includes:
- Welcome Garland
- Natural Mineral Water and Cold Towel
- Private Car
- Transportation
- Travel Insurance Certificate
- Reliable First Class Services
- Exclusive Professional Tour Guide
- Admission Fees
- Lunch

Tour Excludes
- Alcoholic Drinks and Extra Meals
- Extra Transportation