The Secret of Bangkok Sea
Half Day Tour

Out of the remaining about 40,000,000 million square meters of wetlands in Thailand, 90% scatter along the shores of the southern provinces, while the rest line up the coast from the eastern provinces to the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. Surprisingly, some of these sophisticated ecosystems do belong to Bangkok in the District of Bang Khunthein where is the only area in Bangkok connected to the sea.

The Nature Trail, The wooden walkway approximately 500 meters in length zigzagged through the midst of the mangrove trees and also where you can see the way aquatic animal live and find food. Moreover, a number of birds such as Egrets, White Breasted Water Hens, Collared Kingfisher and etc. can be found here.

Bangkok Sea's Milestones, This area is used to surrounded by plants and plenty of land covering where milestone located on.  Now, you have no chance to see because that part of areas   covered by seawater already The Gulf of Thailand could be seen stretching beyond the horizon from this spot.

 Tour Schedule
Our tour guide in purple and navy blue uniform will meet and greet at the hotel lobby. Depart hotel by our private car for 1 hour drives. Our trip start with the long tailed boat cruising along the salt water canal to visit The Nature Trail, then walk down a footpath through the midst of the mangrove trees. Miniature crabs, the big eye mud skipper (The Monster of Wetlands) and also a number of birds can be found here. The way of life of the local fishermen naturally farm mussels and catch different kinds of aquatic lives on the seaside, seeing Bangkok Sea¬ís Milestones and visit the place where fresh water meets salt water at the Gulf of Siam are apart of our adventure.  Before back to Bangkok, there is a short visiting Mahachai Market where people go through the traffic all around the Bangkok to buy seafood products here.

Tour Rate:
1 Person:  Baht  6,300 
2 Persons: Baht 3,360 each

3-4 Persons: Baht 2,835 each
5-12 Persons: Baht 2,600 each

The rate mentioned is based on English speaking tour guide, others language will be at the surcharge of Baht 2,500 per tour.

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Tour Includes:
- Welcome Garland
- Natural Mineral Water and Cold Towel
- Private Car
- Transportation
- Travel Insurance Certificate
- Reliable First Class Services
- Exclusive Professional Tour Guide
- Admission Fees

Tour Excludes
- Alcoholic Drinks and Meals (Lunch)
- Extra Transportation