Code Packages Tour Period of Tour
HGN021Mae Hong Son - The City of 3 Mists2 Days 1 Night
HTA321Rice Barge Cruising to Ayutthaya, The Ruin City2 Days 1 Night
ODT-CEIA Day Excursion by Air - Chiang Rai, The Golden TriangleOne Day Tour
ODT-CNXA Day Excursion by Air - Chiang Mai, Lanna KingdomOne Day Tour
ODT-HKTA Day Excursion by Air - Phuket, The Pearl of ThailandOne Day Tour
ODT-HUAA Day Excursion by Car - Hua Hin, Royal ParadiseOne Day Tour
ODT-KBVA Day Excursion by Air - Krabi, An Emerald of Andaman SeaOne Day Tour
ODT-SUKA Day Excursion by Air - SukhothaiOne Day Tour
ODT-USMA Day Excursion by Air - Samui, Queen of the GulfOne Day Tour
PAC071A True Taste of An Old Way of Life in The North7 Days 6 Nights
PAC109Amazing Taste of The North10 Days 9 Nights
PAC2112 Kingdoms 1 Destination (Thailand & Cambodia)11 Days 10 Nights
PAC315The Emerald Triangle Tours (Thailand - Laos - Cambodia)15 Days 14 Nights
PTY021Pattaya Visit2 Days 1 Night
PTY032Pattaya Explore3 Days 2 Nights
SKA021Kanchanburi, The Site of The Death Railway2 Days 1 Night
SNE043The Khmer Cultural Route4 Days 3 Nights
ST021Chiang Mai, Majestic Cultural Heritage2 Days 1 Night
STX032Nakhon Ping Chiang Mai3 Days 2 Nights
STX043Chiang Mai - Nature Dreams4 Days 3 Nights
SUK032Sukhothai, Dawn of Happiness3 Days 2 Nights
SXI033Chiang Rai - Chiang Mai: Glorious City of The North3 Days 2 Nights
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