Arturo Peralta-Ramos III2017-01-26 09:17:01 
Ms Di Di,

I am only part-way through my trip, however I wanted to voice how completely happy I¬íve been with the excellent plan laid out and delivered.  Furthermore, I cannot express enough my appreciation for my guide, Ms. Pui. She has been completely flexible and imaginatively creative with the schedule to tailor it to things and places I would like best. In addition she has used her personal contacts to enhance the trip in every way.  I cannot imagine how she could be better in any way.

So,  I extend my highest complements you and your organization.  I  have passed on your contact information on my travel agent United States with my strongest recommendation. Likewise, I will speak with the head concierge at my hotel, the Grand Hyatt Erawan upon my return.

Most appreciatively,

From : Arturo Peralta-Ramos III [USA]

 Edward Chermisqui and Family2017-01-02 12:20:19 
Dear Di Di,

Thanks you for the tours. They were really good.  The guide is excellent and your driver very professional.  We enjoyed the 2 tours, beside the health issues .


From : Edward Chermisqui and Family [USA]

 Sunil Watumull2016-12-26 17:05:48 
Dear Di Di,

Thank you for our wonderful arrangements today. Mr PK was a fantastic guide: knowledgeable, kind, friendly, and a great photographer!

Thank you again, and I will be happy to recommend your services to all in the future.


From : Sunil Watumull 

 The Croman and The Silverstein2016-12-24 11:08:27 
Rabbit, Truly the best tour guide we have all ever had in our lives! Made everything so fun and interesting.

From : The Croman and The Silverstein 

 Ms. Zeren Degerli & Mr. Sinan Turhan2016-10-09 18:56:34 
Dear Di Di,

We wanted to write back and thank you for the 2 excellent days of city tours we had booked with your company during our stay in Bangkok (Sunday & Monday, 11 & 12th of September). Both the Jaguar car and our very kind driver, but most of all our tour guide Michael were all big factors which made our experiencing of Bangkok in such a short time so perfect.

Our guide Michael was very attentive, very knowledgeable and tried his best to show us as much detail wherever we went with him. We often said later on "Michael's kind attitude was certainly a very major factor contributing to our liking Bangkok so much more".

We wish you continuous good business and good times with your whole team. Congratulations and thank you again...

Best regards from Istanbul.

From : Ms. Zeren Degerli & Mr. Sinan Turhan [Istanbul , Turkey]

 Eric Watkins2016-09-03 18:26:03 
Dear Ms Di Di -
I had a wonderful tour with Ms. Kitz today. She was a friendly guide who taught me much about places we visited.  We also combined both tours into one day and saw a lot of things in a short time.

Thanks for the tour and thanks to Ms. Kitz for being a wonderful host!


From : Eric Watkins 

 Mary2016-08-17 13:07:54 
EMWT is a first class agency providing private day tours to almost any location you can imagine. We were warmly greeted by Michael, our tour guide, and whisked away in an air conditioned van by our driver. While traveling, Michael talked to us about Thai culture and answered every one of our questions. During our visit to the floating market and Ayutthaya, everything was coordinated. Boat trips were pre scheduled and tickets were purchased for us. Michael was very knowledgable about the sites and took us to areas we never would have visited without his guidance. EMWT was worth every penny and really made our time in Thailand memorable. Thank you Michael and staff for a great adventure!

From : Mary 

 Brian2016-08-17 13:06:08 
Great way to see the sights of Thailand> Our half day tour onboard an air conditioned van provided the perfect respite from the heat moving from sight to sight. Our guide Sam was very knowledgable and friendly. He ensured we had a complete understanding of the sights, their historical and spiritual meanings.

From : Brian [Fort Lauderdal, Florida , U.S.A.]

 Lauren2016-08-17 13:02:17 
A friend of ours referred us to East meets West travel guides after using their services on their honeymoon in Thailand. From reading their brochure and the professional communications prior to our trip we knew we were in store for a luxury tour but we could not have anticipated the enthusiasm, attentiveness, positivity, and friendliness of our tour guide Mr. Andy and our cheerful driver Mr. Pohn. Mr. Andy met us in the lobby for introductions and to confirm we had the appropriate wardrobe for the planned temple visits that day. He then escorted us to the black jaguar parked outside the hotel where we were greeted by a smiling Mr. Pohn who gifted us two freshly made floral bracelets made of jasmine flowers. We entered the air conditioned car, where Mr. Andy ran through the days itinerary and provided us with the wifi password so we could stay connected throughout the day.

Mr Andy was so knowledgeable about each and every site we visited which enhanced our experienced immensely. We would not have appreciated the rich Thai culture and traditions had he not patiently taken the time to explain their origins. One of our most treasured memories was when he taught us how to make a morning food offering to the local monks followed by prayers to our respective birthday Buddhas. They even went off the itinerary to accommodate our impromptu requests- taking us to a restaurant where we had the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok. At the end of the day it was clear to us that this was the only way to experience Bangkok as we would not have had the ability to cover as much ground and attain as much knowledge without Mr. Andy and Mr, Pohn. We also couldn't imagine touring in the Thai heat without the air conditioned jag and refrigerated moist towelettes after each stop. While we only booked a single day originally, we asked if we could continue our adventures with them the following day and Mr. Andy quickly arranged a day-2 itinerary that was just as action and information packed as the first, taking us beyond the typical tourist sites to experience authentic Thai living. I cannot recommend them enough!

From : Lauren 

 Addelam Billericay2016-08-17 12:57:18 
Just spent two days with this company with their excellent guide Yo. I cannot recommend them more as they are unbelievably great at what they do. Seamless efficiency with graceful manners. You will miss nothing with these guys.

From : Addelam Billericay [United Kingdom]

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